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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A historical review of English language education in Vietnam (book chapter). In Y. H. Choi & B. Spolsky (eds.)LÊ, VĂN CANH
2012A theory-practice divide: EFL teachers’ and students’ beliefs about grammar instructionLÊ, VĂN CANH
2014Codeswitching in a Vietnamese university (book chapter). In R. Barnard & J. McLellan (eds.), Codeswitching in university English-medium class: Asian perspectives, pp. 118-143). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2009Curricular innovation behind closed classroom doors: A Vietnamese case studyLÊ, VĂN CANH
2014EFL students’ attitudes towards classroom activities: A survey in VietnamLÊ, VĂN CANH
2015English language education innovation for the Vietnamese secondary school: The Project 2020 (book chapter). In B. Spolsky & K. Sung (Eds.), Secondary school English in Asia: From policy to practice (pp. 182-200). New York: RoutledgeLÊ, VĂN CANH
2014Great expectations: The TESOL practicum as a professional learning experience.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2012In R. Barnard & A. Burns (Eds.), Researching language teacher cognition and practice: International case studies (pp.90-108). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2015LÊ VĂN CANH. 2015. (Co-authored with Nguyen Gia Viet & Roger Barnard). Old wine in new bottles: Two case studies of task-based language teaching in Vietnam (book chapter). In M. Thomas & H. Reinders (Eds.), Contemporary task-based language teaching in Asia (pp. 68-86). Chương này trình bày kết quả nghiên cứu trên hai trường hợp cụ thể về việc áp dụng đường hướng dạy học dựa trên công việc được giao (Task-based language teaching). Kết quả cho thấy giáo viên hầu như không áp dụng đường hướng này mà thay vào đó mô hình dạy học PPP (Presentation-Practice-Production) vẫn mang tính phổ biến. Các tác giả đưa ra một mô hình áp dụng đường hướng dạy học dựa theo nhiệm vụ được giao được xây dựng trên cơ sở mô hình PPP đang được giáo viên sử dụng. The chapter reports the result of two case studies in which Vietnamese EFL teachers were mandated to use the task-based approach in their teaching. It is revealed in the study that there was little of task-based language teaching observed. Instead, the Presentation-Practice-Production model dominated in both cases. The authors provide suggestions on a model of task-based language teaching which is built on the commonly-used Presentation-Practice-Production model.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2010Minds working together: Scaffolding academic writing in a mixed-ability class. In B. Baurain & Phan Le Ha (Eds.), Multilevel and Diversity (pp.149-159). Virginia, USA: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)LÊ, VĂN CANH; NGUYEN, THI THUY MINH
2014Motivation as a language learning condition re-examined: Stories of successful Vietnamese EFL students (book chapter). In K. Sung & B. Spolsky (EDs), Conditions for English language teaching and learning in Asia. Newcastle upon the Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars PublishingLÊ, VĂN CANH
2013Native-English-speaking teachers’ construction of professional identity in an EFL context: A case of Vietnam.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2012Teacher learning within the school context: An ecological perspectiveLÊ, VĂN CANH; NGUYEN, THI THUY MINH
2012Teacher preparation for primary school English education: A case of Vietnam. In B. Spolsky & Y. Moon (Eds), Primary school English language education in Asia (pp.106-128). New York: Routledge.LÊ, VĂN CANH; DO, THI MAI CHI
2009Teaching grammar: A survey of teachers’ attitudes in Vietnam.LÊ, VĂN CANH
2015Uncovering teachers’ beliefs about intercultural language teaching: An example from VietnamLÊ, VĂN CANH