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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Count the uncounted: Rumors, corruption and luck in job seeking by Vietnamese university graduatesTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013Enhancing academic skills for first-year overseas business studentsTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013Factors affecting teaching and learning English in Vietnamese universitiesTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2014Governance in higher education in Vietnam – a move toward decentralization and its practical problemsTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2014Graduate employability in Vietnam: A loose relationship between higher education and employment marketTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013International student mobility for gaining cultural capital: The case of a Vietnamese student studying in AustraliaTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2014Internationalization of higher education in Vietnam: Opportunities and challengesTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2014Is graduate employability the ‘whole-of-higher-education-issue’?TRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013Is the learning approach of students from the Confucian heritage culture problematic?TRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013Limitation on the development of skills in higher education in Vietnam, Higher EducationTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2012Managed universities: Vietnam and the West, In M. Vicars, T. McKenna & J. White (Eds.), Discourse, power and resistance down under, Rotterdam: SenseTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT; WHITE, JULIE
2012Perceptions and attitudes of international students towards plagiarismTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013The perception of employability and the subsequent role of higher education in VietnamTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2012Toàn cầu hóa, tự do hóa, quốc tế hóa và chủ nghĩa thực dân mới trong giáo dục đại họcTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2012Vietnamese higher education and the issue of enhancing graduate employabilityTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2013What Shapes the Passiveness in Learning of Vietnamese StudentsTRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT
2012When you have enough rice, you desire noodles: A narrative about methodological infidelity,TRẦN, THỊ TUYẾT