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Title: Những con đường tạo ra thuật ngữ luật sở hữu trí tuệ Tiếng Anh
Authors: Mai, Thi Loan
Keywords: Terms, copyright, property
terminalization; derivative; compounding
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Tạp chí Ngôn ngữ & Đời sống
Abstract: The Legal terms on Intellectual Property means fixed words and phrases denoting the social relations formed between the created subjects; use and transfer of intellectual creative works, including copyright, rights in relation with copyright, rights of industrial property, rights of plant varieties. basing on methods of forming terms of the previous linguists as well as surveying and analyzing 375 English legal terms on intellectual property, this article deals with three ways of creating English legal terms on intellectual property: 1. Terminalization; 2. Derivative terms; 3. Compounding terms.
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