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Title: A comparison between the two characters Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. S. Fitzgerald.
Other Titles: So sánh hai nhân vật Tom Buchanan và Jay Gatsby trong tác phẩm Gatsby vĩ đại của F.S.Fitzgerald
Authors: Do, Thu Huong
Tran, Nhat Linh
Keywords: Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, Gatsby, F.S. Fitzgerald
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Trường Đại học Ngoại ngữ - ĐHQGHN
Abstract: This paper involves comparing the two characters Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby on the basis of their social background, physical appearance, and personal characteristics. Hence, not only the similarities and differences between them but also the implications behind the depictions of Tom and Jay are revealed. In order to achieve its objectives, this study adopts qualitative data analysis method. The procedure starts with searching libraries and other numerous related materials, continues with data categorization and then data analysis. The results are found that Tom and Jay are contradictory and complementary at the same time in all aspects. After all, both Gatsby and Buchanan are not really destined to represent any particular type of people in the 1920 American society; in fact, they are two entities that embrace the contradictory components of that society. For further investigation into this work, interested researchers might want to conduct a study on the class struggle as seen through the depictions of Tom and Jay. Another topic to be considered is examining the ‘new women’ of the 1920s in the context of fundamental changes in gender role at that time.
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